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  • What a brilliant afternoon with lovely Lucy to celebrate her 4th birthday. Thanks for letting me do a Taletastic on you. U know who you are!
  • Just recorded another great offer for Hillary's.

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Taletastic™ Parties
The Taletastic™ Tent is a hot ticket for any family occasion this spring /summer. It is the perfect self-contained entertainment attraction for children and all you need to keep them entertained for hours. Please contact Audrie via the contacts page to discuss your personalised party package for a wedding, baptism, anniversary or birthday!

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Audrie is one of those workshop leaders for whom students will commit 110% as she imparts her knowledge in a passionate, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable way.

Gillian Hambleton -Artistic Director -Northumberland Theatre Company

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City Drama Lab

City Drama Lab

CityDramaLab has been created to nurture talent.

At the Lab – brush up, keep your hand in, learn, share and explore new projects, prepare for a role, collaborate and network.

18th NOVEMBER 2012
1pm to 4pm
Miller’s Yard, York.

It has been too long coming! So sorry but Audrie has had such a busy season, now she is delighted to ba able to deliver one of her favourite workshops in MASK AND PHYSICAL THEATRE. Come and amaze yourself!!! All abilities welcome. If you would like to know more or be kept in the loop please contact Audrie through the website

Please enquire if you would like to know more or would like CityDramaLab to come to you:

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What’s on:

TALETASTIC RESIDENCIES FOR SCHOOLS From 1 to five days. There are two new residencies available for schools with Taletastic Tent. Taletastic Storytellers - Children will hear a tale and be inspired to tell it in their own words with character costumes, musical instruments, music and drama and the wonderful Taletastic Tent providing a superb theatrical back-drop. Taletastic creators - Children will hear a tale and be inspired to create their own puppets and perform their own puppet show in the Taletastic Tent with hands on arts and crafts supervision and all materials supplied. Please get in touch to discuss and create your bespoke Taletastic residency. 07712 648761

FACE PAINTING The fantastic and beautiful Taletastic Tent not only brings you your favourite stories with puppets and props, bubbles, costumes, music, singing, games and prizes! You can now add face painting to your party too!!

New mask and physical theatre package for SCHOOLS and COLLEGES!!!! PLAY IN A WEEK! An enriching week of Mask and physical theatre performance skills, devising, site specific theatre and mask making! Students will learn valuable theatre skills with a professional and experienced practitioner and create an original performance mask and performance piece to share at the end of the week. Each workshop can be linked to themes that to suit a chosen subject if you wish such as the environment, poverty, sport, science and so on. Please contact Audrie for mroe details and to taylor-make your PLAY IN A WEEK!

What’s new:

For your favourite stories and lots of fun! If you have a smaller venue we have the perfect solution with Taletastic™ Corner. We provide all the fun and magic that the Taletastic Tent can offer with tales, songs, music, costumes, bubbles and a very comfy cushion!

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Sofi Cakes UK

Sofi Cakes specialises in edible art for any event. Creating cakes is a bespoke process, every detail can be personalised for a truly unique cake experience. If you can imagine it, I will do my best to bake it!

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